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Learn Basic Filmmaking

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If you have the passion for film and a real desire to learn what it takes to put it together from idea development to post-production, our Basic Filmmaking course is for you. Explore different genres, find your voice and learn the core technical and creative skills – from camera operating to editing your story. 


Basic Filmmaking meets Wednesdays online 7 - 9PM, and in person on Saturdays 10AM - 2PM. The cost of this hands-on course is $600.


Over the course of 6-weeks students will be taught the following:

  • The three phases of production (pre-production, production and post-production)

  • How to utilize portable video cameras (iris control, focus control, color balancing, shot composition and camera movement)

  • The fundamentals of audio, as well as types of microphones and microphone placement

  • The fundamentals of lighting

  • How to conduct site surveys for videotaping locations

  • How to use camera angles, lighting, sound, music and voices to convey messages and tell stories

  • How to cooperate and work as teams to complete projects

  • How to edit short videos

  • And we'll cover much much more!