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Boucle Is Back!

Many of us are aware that Boucle was a popular fabric of the 1970s. Boucle was actually invented in the latter part of 1940 by Eero Saarinen at the request of American architect Florence Knoll. The first version was the "Womb chair" developed by Saarinen.

Grand Boucle by Mokum

Boucle is derived from a French word, is a yarn that has the appearance of a curled or looped yarn, or fabric created from the yarn. Boucle is extremely strong and is typically seen in lighter tones , which remind you of fleece, with an edgy, fuzzy look. Boucle is now available in a range of colors appropriate for many different uses.

Fabio by Linea

It is an upholstery fabric that is particularly attractive on furniture that is curved, for example round sofas, ottomans and occasional chair.

Miyabi in Design of the time

In accessories like pillows and throws, it offers beautiful softness and can add the appearance of a space. In bed head pillows or bed spreads, it's the perfect choice as it's such soft and cozy fabric that you want to snuggle to read a book.

Havana by Zepel

Boucle is a great choice for creating acoustic absorption, as well as texture to enhance the room when it is used in drapes. A new style since last year, Boucle is going to be a thing of the past and can last for a long time in any house.



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