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It's a focal point in every formal and informal living space So why not use it as the focal point of your space? Coffee tables play a variety of purposes in the homes of homes, from a place to sit for drinks, feet, or even a television remote to space to display important decorative items. When you think about how to decorate the coffee table, some might think it is difficult, however, with the right accessories it can be a fantastic option to create interest in the room. We've provided some tips and fundamental guidelines on how to make an appealing and balanced style for various coffee tables.

How to style the Coffee Table The Three-Point Rule of Three

Three rules have for a long time been a guiding principle for design. It is explained in the Carlisle Home Design Blog explains the rule of three as "a design principle which affects every room of your home. It dictates layout, size, and shape of objects, the work triangle of a kitchen, even the color, pattern, and fabric designs of your room." The blog continues, "the human brain likes to easily puzzle things together and with three you can always find the center point and balance."

Start with three different objects, and then experiment with different configurations, settling on an equilibrium that is suitable for your dining table.

How to style a Coffee Table 2. Grouping objects

Based on the dimension and style of the coffee table, placing pieces together is a different way to achieve balance. If you are using two tables, like a glass table with two levels or a square table symmetry is a great way to attain equilibrium.

When you group pieces together it is considered to be one piece, and this means that many objects can be combined into one cohesive design. For the dimensions of the coffee table, the rule of 3 could be extended by any number that is odd particularly when grouping pieces.

How to style a Coffee Table: Playing with the heights

The use of objects that vary in height keeps your eyes moving and adds an aesthetic attraction. When designing well, the eyes should be able to move from one part to the next and never be stuck in one place.

How to style a Coffee Table Mixing shapes

A variety of forms on your table is an effective way to bring interest. Imagine items as simple as a book that is rectangular with a candle in a round shape and an ornamental square box.

How to style the Table: Style a Coffee Table Make use of objects that are interesting

If it's a costly item purchased during a trip adventure or a family treasure, what better way to showcase these treasures than in the center of the room, where they'll receive the interest they merit? Additionally, unusual objects are great conversation starting points.

How to Style a Coffee Table

How to Style a Coffee Table

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