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Community Film Workshop of Chicago works in underserved neighborhoods mentoring the next generation of media makers. Our goal is to empower ordinary citizens in the use of media and to provide media arts programming at the Chicago Park District's  Harris Park.

CFW Documentary Poster.jpg
Allstate Youth Filmmakers Showcase 50.jpg
Production Institute 10.jpeg
2022 Production Institute Community Showcase 29.jpeg
2023 Production Institute 7.jpeg
2021 Production Institute 59.jpeg
Basic Filmmaking 1_edited.jpg
Voices of the South Side (1).jpeg
Production Institute 26.jpg
DIverse Voices In Docs 1_edited_edited.j
Basic Filmmaking 10_edited.jpg
Black Filmmers Screening 1.jpeg
Basic Filmmaking 1.jpeg
Rob Diggy Master Class 12_edited.jpg
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