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Community Film Workshop has been teaching film and video production since 1971. Our intensive classes provide the fundamentals skills required to create effective film projects.

  • During our practical courses, you learn by doing and exercising the craft in a creative environment.

  • Our instructors and guest speakers are creative screen professionals with numerous industry awards and nominations.

  • Our students and graduates are employed across a variety of screen sectors, from big productions to entrepreneurial and commercial capacities. 


We offer a variety of filmmaking courses from beginners to intermediate. The majority of our short courses are for complete beginners, but if you’re already familiar with the filmmaking process and would like to expand your knowledge into new areas, we offer advanced courses as well.


If you have the passion for film and a real desire to learn what it takes to put it together from idea development to post-production, our Basic Filmmaking course is for you. Explore different genres, find your voice and learn the core technical and creative skills – from camera operating to editing your story. 


Basic Filmmaking meets Wednesdays online 7 - 9PM, and in person on Saturdays 10AM - 2PMThe cost of this hands-on course is $600.


Over the course of 6-weeks students will be taught the following:

  • The three phases of production (pre-production, production and post-production)

  • How to utilize portable video cameras (iris control, focus control, color balancing, shot composition and camera movement)

  • The fundamentals of audio, as well as types of microphones and microphone placement

  • The fundamentals of lighting

  • How to conduct site surveys for videotaping locations

  • How to use camera angles, lighting, sound, music and voices to convey messages and tell stories

  • How to cooperate and work as teams to complete projects

  • How to edit short videos

  • And we'll cover much much more!


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