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Basic Filmmaking

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If you have a passion for film and a real desire to learn what it takes to put it together from idea development to post-production, our Documentary Filmmaking course is for you. Explore different genres, find your voice, and learn the core technical and creative skills – from camera operating to editing your story. 


Documentary Filmmaking meets Wednesdays online 7 - 9 PM, and in person on Saturdays 10 AM - 2 PM. The cost of this hands-on course is $600.


Over the course of 6-weeks students will be taught the following:

  • Research selecting subjects and outreach 

  • Types of documentaries, Finding your visual aesthetics

  • Cinematography & Lighting 

  • Hands-on application of camera and tripod concepts

  • Story structure, three-act structure

  • Capturing the story Themes-Tone- Mood- Unexpected Shots

  • Shot assignment and storytelling 

  • Footage storage and organization

  • Interview production location, pre-interview prep, 

  • Interview selection and editing ethically

  • Verite Cinematography

  • Rough-Cut review

  • Pick-Up interview footage and B Roll

  • Editing and organizing your workflow post-production script

  • Color correction and finding your visual aesthetics

  • Syncing audio editing audio and proper selection of music

  • Screening & Critiques of Projects 

  • And we will cover much, much more

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