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The mission of the Community Film Workshop of Chicago (CFWC) is to provide access to media production that supports the development of independent media artists in underserved and underrepresented communities. CFWC’s programs in video and digital media are designed to increase access and equity in media and to give people of color, youth, and women the tools to create media and transform their communities.

Artistic Philosophy:

CFWC's teaching philosophy is rooted in the practice of the artist/mentor who listens, questions, molds and affirms, and charges artists to be their best. Media artists are encouraged to find their authentic voice. It is the artists’ changed view that helps create a changed community. CFWC’s core values of respect for the culture, the people, and the art are then passed to the next generation. Central to CFWC’s artistic philosophy is that the difference between films about people of color and those produced by people of color is the filmmakers' perspective. CFWC strongly advocates for first-voice media that reflects the concerns of that group and encourages cross-cultural collaboration on projects.

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