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Reel Black Filmmakers (RBF) is a network that provides information, resources, and assistance to filmmakers of African descent. The collective studies and analyzes visual media with the goal of educating and uplifting communities worldwide. CFWC was a founding member of RBF, along with Tracye Matthews, associate director of the Center for the Study of Race, Politics, and Culture at the University of Chicago as well as filmmaker and social activist Kamau Tyehimba and documentary filmmaker Derek Grace.


For over five years, CFWC served as a fiscal agent and hosted monthly meetings and screenings of Reel Black Filmmakers. Beginning in January 2017, the collective became a program of Community Film Workshop.

Conducted and sponsored industry workshops:

  •   Crowd Funding by Kiratiana Freelon

  •   Documentary Outreach and Community Engagement by Anton Seals

  •   Film Scoring by Rob Diggy

  •   Short Film Distribution by Christine Boulware

  •   DP/Cinematography by Patrick Charles
  •   Black Film Criticism by, Sergio Mims
  •   Editing Workshop by Barbara Allen

  •   Loglines and Treatments by Shahari Moore

  •   Shooting Films in Foreign Countries or Just Miles Away from Home by Pemon Rami

  •   Ethics and Fair Use by Gordon Quinn

View Reel Black Filmmakers Industry Workshops on our YouTube Channel by clicking on this symbol

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Screened documentary and narrative short & feature projects:


  •   ON THE FRONTLINE: Taking Back Our Streets & COLLEGE WEEK produced by Derek Grace

  •   B Love & Brooks People produced by Shahari Moore

  •   The Louisiana Project: Ten Years Later produced by Levilyn Chriss

  •   Black Out produced by Eva Weber

  •   Pangaea produced by Olivia

  •   AfroPop 2017 developed by the National Black Programming Consortium

  •   Keep It Moving produced by Chihiphop

  •   The G Factor produced by Pamela Sherrod

  •   Got The Love, The Color of Art & Thee Debauchery Ball produced by David Weathersby

  •   Louisiana: The Black Experience and Impact on the Land, People, and Culture produced by Pemon Rami

  •   Within Our Gates produced by Oscar Micheaux; filmmaker Renee Baker discussed movie & her musical score adaptation

Established Relationships

Reel Black Filmmakers has established relationships with the following organizations:

  •   Chicago Park District
  •   University of Chicago
  •   Black Cinema House
  •   The Logan Center
  •   Africa International House
  •   The Silver Room
  •   The Promontory
  •   Diverse Voices In Docs
  •   DePaul University
  •   Black Harvest Film Festival
  •   Collected Voices Film Festival
  •   Multicultural Film Festival

  •   NBPC (National Black Programming Consortium)

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