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Smartphone Filmmaking

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In this course, you’ll first learn the fundamentals of cinematography and visual storytelling that applies to using any and all kinds of cameras. Then we explore the technical aspects that make shooting smartphone video different than shooting with traditional cameras. Finally, we tie it all together with apps, filmmaking gear, and accessories that will help best tell your story.


These topics are covered:

  • ​Fundamentals of storytelling
  • Composition and framing

  • Rule of thirds

  • 3-point lighting

  • Types of camera movement

  • Aperture, ISO, and shutter (for traditional cameras & smartphones)

  • White balance and focus

  • Video camera Apps 

  • Filmmaking gear & accessories (tripod mounts, gimbals, dollies, lighting, ND filters, and a lot more)

  • Fundamentals of lighting

  • Fundamentals of audio for filmmaking


Smartphone Filmmaking meets Wednesdays online 7 - 9 PM, and in person on Saturdays 10 AM - 2 PM. The cost of this hands-on course is $400.

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