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Community Service Opportunities for Teens, College Students and Film Enthusiasts

Build Your Resume Portfolio Earn & Community Service Points

Senior Apprentice: Assists the instructor in teaching photography and video production in the “Youth In Motion” and “Woodlawn Reporters Summer Camp" programs. You will also accompany students on field trips and lead participants in fun games.

Technology Instructor: Instructors teach photography and video production, Flash, Photoshop, and other digital media classes. CFWC certifies instructors through its hands-on orientation class scheduled a month before the program start date.

Marketing Interns: College interns assist with social maintenance of CFWC’s website, Twitter and Facebook accounts, mailing list, and Mailchimp email marketing. Other duties include: cataloging event photos, designing promotional flyers, and setting up and operating equipment for screenings and filmmaker workshops.

Call (773) 752-9335 or email:

Frequently Asked Questions

Service Learning Questions

How do I apply for the service learning position?

Chicago Public School students must apply for a service learning opportunity by calling (773) 752-9335 or email: Additional information will be emailed to you.

College students must apply through the college’s service learning or civic engagement department. Community Film Workshop will post an opportunity for service at the college or attend an orientation event at the college where groups pitch their programs to students.

Will I get paid?
Chicago Public School students can’t get paid for service learning projects. It is counted towards the service hours needed to graduate. Most colleges and universities do not pay for community service. It is part of the college’s mission to reach out to the community so that students are socially engaged and acquire hands-on educational experience.

How do I get a job with Youth In Motion after-school program?
You must apply on-line at Select Youth In Motion as your #1 choice. Then, call (773) 752-9335 for an interview.

What are the prerequisites for becoming a Chicago Public School CTE Summer Internship Program?
Chicago public school students must apply to the Chicago Public Schools Department of Career & Technical Education to apply for the CTE Summer Internships Placement.

Do I get paid for Youth In Motion and Woodlawn Reporters Summer Camp?
After School Matters apprentices and CPS Career & Technical Education interns/CTE will receive a stipend.

Does CTE Summer Interns have to be fingerprinted?
Interns under 18 do not have to be fingerprinted. Since you will be working with minor children, Community Film Workshop does require that you complete the online-mandated reporter course.

Interns 18 and older have to be fingerprinted and complete the online-mandated reporter course.

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